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Merry Meet:

Welcome to our new website for Wiccan by Nature! We realize that life has gotten in the way of updating this website as nearly as much as we had hoped by now, but never fear! Summer is here! It is my personal goal for the summer to completely re-do and update the content of the website… You may see new pages pop up, old pages disappear, or some pages just straight up moving around… We apologize for the inconvenience - but we do promise to try to make the website as user friendly as possible (and the general layout will remain the same, at least for now).

That being said, if there are any topics that you feel are missing from the website, please let us know immediately! We strive to hit all the topic areas, but as you know - life is not always black and white and it's not always easy to remember every area to cover… And like always, if you see any links not working - please, let us know! When contacting us to give us feedback, please utilize our facebook page and send a message, addressing it to Zoey.

As we begin construction on the website, we will not touch the forums - so they always should be up and running! Please feel free to make your way over there and enjoy conversation with some brothers and sisters of the path! - If we do wind up doing any work on the forums, we will let you all know in advance!

We are still planning on having a WBN store, however this has not yet hit our agenda… One thing at a time! - What is on our agenda? More videos and an updated, more in depth website! Stay tuned for more information! :

We do urge you to check out our facebook page, our youtube channel as well as this website. We will be continuing to add to all three sites!

We appreciate your feedback during this time - we want this website to be as user friendly as possible - so if you see any errors or missing information please let us know. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to work on this wonderful opportunity.

Brightest blessings,

The Admin Team

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